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The solarium’s Hans Wegner chaise longue has cushions covered in a Rogers & Goffigon linen, and 
the 19th-century cabinet is German; the walls 
are sheathed in oak, the Indian rug is vintage, and the flooring is slate.

An outdoor living room with furniture by Paola Lenti under a linen tent from Kurdistan.

The custom countertops and shelving in the kitchen are birch, the oven and cooktop are by Gaggenau, and the antique stove in the foreground is original to the house. 

In the master bedroom, a 19th-century Dutch Colonial bed from Sumatra is fitted with Balinese mosquito netting; the 17th-century chair is from Tuscany, and the Spanish olive oil jar is 19th century; the rug is Persian, and the ulin wood floors came from a 19th-century house in Borneo.

A sundeck overlooking the Aegean Sea at Costis Psychas’s home on the Greek island of Therassia; the ladder leads to a circular room above.